Annual Church Outing

Lowestoft Trip

Every year, the church family make their pilgrimage to the distant shores of the east coast, and to the some of the finest beaches to be found on this Island Nation we called Great Britain!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to kick back and relax, get some sunshine, play some awesome beach games, or just sit and let a melting ice cream dribble down your chin as you fall asleep.  We travel down by coach (or if you prefer you can bring your car), and finish the day by returning to the church to have our evening meal together.

So…if you are

  • Alive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Young at heart

Then why not join us?  We’d LOVE to have you there to get to know you a bit better.  For more information, email pastor@waldringfieldbc.org.uk or call 01473 736285Untitled design