Baptism Information Evening

Baptism…what’s it all about?  Why do people get baptised as adults, isn’t that kind of weird?  Well actually, as it turns out, it’s kind of biblical!  At the beginning of October, on Monday 3rd October Pastor James and his wife Naomi will be hosting an evening all about Baptism at their home.  The idea is, that if you’re thinking about ‘taking the plunge’, or you just want to find out if baptism is for you, you have a great opportunity to get answers to your questions.

There’s absolutely no pressure if you come along to then get baptised, and we promise we won’t constantly badger you about it.  It really is just an evening to find out more.

So…if this is something YOU have had on your mind for a while, or if you’re a new Christian but you’ve never been baptised (or someone whose been a Christian for a while but never got baptised) why not come along to find out more?

The evening will start at 6pm with a meal…which as someone once said, ‘can’t be bad’!  Fill in the fields below and book your place.


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