Steve Wyncoll

Steve Wyncoll – Pastor

Steve Wyncoll served as the Full Time Pastor of Waldringfield Baptist Church from October 1987 until October 2015, and lives in the village with his wife Christine.  Steve has a genuine care and warmth for people, and a desire to tell people the good news of the gospel wherever he goes.   The church at Waldringfield has seen incredible blessing and growth since he arrived, including the building of a new youth hall and an extension on the church building itself.  Throughout his ministry, God has richly blessed the church and many people have become Christians, some of whom have gone on to be missionaries overseas, or pastor churches of their own.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys renovating classic cars (when he gets time!), playing golf and listening to Romanian choirs (not at the same time!).  Steve recently went into semi – retirement and now works part time for the church in his Pastor’s role.