Youth Have Arrived!

For so many years, young children, and the youth were almost invisible in the church.  The “be seen and not heard” generation grew up believing that the church was for serious adults who had no sense of humour and for whom smiling in a service of worship was frowned upon.  Some churches still sort of hold to that mantra, but not Waldringfield!

We believe in family and community, and we want your whole family, young or old, to feel there is a place for them in our church.  As such, we have a varied programme of youth work at the church which is aimed at catering for children, teens and young adults.  For the very young, we have Tiddlers on a Tuesday morning, and Creche on a Sunday morning.  For children who are slightly older we have a Toddlers group which is held on a Thursday morning, plus we have Bubbles, Splash and Xtreme on a Sunday morning which is aimed at various aged children.  For older teens, we have Yoyo’s on a Monday evening, and Bible Class on a Sunday morning.  PLUS we have WORD (a bible study for teenagers) which is soon to be starting up (watch this space).

A special note to teenagers+

Ok, so this is for you.  You will find various resources on this site to help you grow in your Christian life and face the challenges that are unique to young people.  Helpful information that will aid you in your pursuit of living for Jesus in a secular and often anti-Christian society.  After all, is there anything more difficult than standing up for Christ as a young person when all your friends are looking at you like you are from another planet?  No we don’t think so either.  So we want to help!  We will do whatever we can to help you shine like lights in the darkness, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what YOU want to see  on this site.